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Alloy Selection

Base metal and filler metal alloy selection is critical to producing good quality welds.  Proper alloy selection can reduce numerous welding problems.

Does the aluminum welding you are performing result in significant reductions in tensile strength?  Is the alloy you are using susceptible to cracking.?  Does your weld need a post welding heat treatment?  Are your processing parameters appropriate?  Can your yield be improved?  Can your weld quality be improved?  Contact us about exotic alloys or common alloys as listed below:

Commonly used Welding Alloys

Benefits from Proper Alloy Selection

  •  Increase weld quality and yield
  •  Proper weld joint strength
  •  Good corrosion and oxidation resistance
  •  Reduction of weld and HAZ cracking
  •  Eliminate reheat cracking
  •  Eliminate stress corrosion cracking
  •  Eliminate lamellar tearing
  •  Improved weldability
  •  Optimize dissimilar metal joints

Engineers help you identify proper base metal and filler rod alloys for your application.  Select economical, good quality welding procedures to meet your customer needs.  Let us optimize your welding procedure to improve yield, reduce rework, and reduce weld discontinuities.

Proper cleaning, processing, heat treating of your weld joint will reduce costs, reduce failures, and increase customer satisfaction.  If your company is experiencing these or other welding problems you can retain AMC to improve your weld processing.  Hire AMC to act as your welding specialist.   

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